Steam Room & Wet Room Lighting

Create your very own relaxing home spa with our range of IP rated light fittings. Whether you're getting a sweat on in a steam room or making a splash in the wet room, we have the perfect range of downlights, uplight, niche lights and even fully submersible underwater fittings.

Water + electricity = safe? It does with our carefully curated collection of H2O friendly lighting, perfect for moisture-heavy spaces. All of our light fittings for steam and wet rooms are at least IP67 rated, making them fully protected for short term emersion in water. And our underwater fittings are IP68 rated, making them suitable for use, well, underwater.

If we've whet your appetite but you need a bit of advice, as experienced lighting designers we're perfectly placed to help. Just contact us on 01189 882294 or [email protected].

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