Rako WLED30CV4 4 Channel Constant Voltage LED Dimmer with Wired icon
Rako WLED30CV4 Wired Constant Voltage 4 Channel Dimmer| Image:1
Rako WLED30CV4 Wired Constant Voltage 4 Channel Dimmer| Image:2
Rako WLED30CV4 4 Channel Constant Voltage LED Dimmer with Wired icon
Rako WLED30CV4 Wired Constant Voltage 4 Channel Dimmer| Image:0
Rako WLED30CV4 Wired Constant Voltage 4 Channel Dimmer| Image:1

Rako WLED30CV4 Wired Constant Voltage 4 Channel Dimmer

Manufacturer: Rako


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Suitable for ceiling or cupboard mounting, the WLED30CV4 is a wired 4 channel, 30W/Channel (RGB+White) constant voltage dimming LED driver. .

  • A compact 4 channel 30W per channel, constant voltage LED dimmer with in-built wired receiver and Rako processor for control of 4 channel constant voltage LED fittings.
  • When used with RGBW fittings each colour is allocated a channel and can be individually adjusted allowing complete colour mixing. Simple colour cycling is started/stopped using the fade commands (raise/lower).
  • Controlled from any Rako Wired device, e.g. WCM, WAPIR or from wireless devices via a WA/WTC-Bridge or a WRB100.

Designed for use with 3 or 4 channel constant voltage LED fittings and 3 or 4 channel LED tape light with common +ve and individual -ve connections. Maximum wattage of 120W when used as 4 channel or 90W with 3 channel for 12VDC fittings or 240W (60W per channel) for 24VDC fittings.

Requires a suitable external d.c. power supply (normally the power supply that would be supplied with the fitting for a non-dimming application). Programmed using the RASOFT PC software suite, the unit stores the house, room and channel address plus 16 preset scene levels in non volatile memory.

Connection to the Rakom wired network can be via the RJ11 lead, plugging into a RAKLink or RAKStar unit. Alternatively a WPCON or WPCONC unit can be used as a remote plug in connection point. Installing a Bridge or WRB100 as part of the wired system will allow the WLED30CV4 to receive commands from wireless devices as part of a “combined” or “hybrid” system.

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Input Supply: 
12V/24V DC power supply depending on load 12-18V DC supply from Rako wired network for control



Climate Range: 
Temperature +2C to +40C
Humidity +5% to 90% non condensing

2 way screw terminals for 12-24V DC supply
6 way screw terminals for load connections

Reverse polarity input protection
Output current limit protection

Load Type: 
Any DMX512 compatible interface

Maximum Load: 
Four channel constant voltage LED fittings and tape

Min/Max Loads:
1W per channel Min
12V DC 3 channel @90W Max
12V DC 4 channel @120W Max
24V DC 3 channel @180W Max
24V DC 4 channel @240W Max

Terminal Sizes:
4 mm2

Emissions - EN61000-6-3 : 2007
Immunity - EN61000-6-1 : 2007

Rakom wired network

Flash memory (non volatile)


Product dimensions: W.46mm x D.172mm x H.40mm

Delivery and warranty

Delivery usually in 1-2 weeks

  Supplied with a 3 year 'return to base' warranty

August factory shutdown

Lead times in July and August can be affected by European manufacturer summer shutdowns. Need it in a hurry? Let us know and we'll check availability for you.

About the manufacturer

Made in Britain, Rako smart lighting controls and systems are easy to use, easy to install & cost effective. Leading the way in providing state-of-the-art digital dimming technology, Rako provides innovative solutions for both wired systems (perfect for new build projects), wireless systems (ideal when it isn't possible to replace wiring) or a hybrid of both. 

Perfect for modern living, Rako systems can be easily controlled with tablets, smartphones and smartwatches. Set up lighting scenes that  allow you to select a pre-set lighting scene or change the mood lighting at the touch of a button. Rako offer a full suite of control panels, cover plates, control modules and dimmers, hubs and interfaces. If you're looking for fully integrated smart home mood lighting systems, you're in the right place.

Rako won the Smart Building Awards for Best Lighting Control product and the CEDIA EMEA Award for Best New Hardware for 2022.

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