Osram OT FIT 14W Phase Cut Constant Current Driver| Image : 1
Osram OT FIT 14W Phase Cut Constant Current Driver| Image : 1

Osram OT FIT 14W Phase Cut Constant Current Driver

Designer: Osram

Manufacturer: Power Supplies


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OT FIT is a flicker-free dimmable constant current driver that's compatible with the most common leading-edge and trailing-edge phase dimmers. Suitable for indoor SELV installationsand for use with class I and II luminaires.

Key Info:
- Compatible with the most common leading-edge and trailing-edge phase dimmers
- Flexible current setting (DIPswitch – 2 to 4 currents)
- Flicker-free dimming
- Higher quality of light thanks to < 5% output ripple current
- Housing from 80% recycled plastic

Delivery is 2-3 working days.


Electrical data
Nominal input voltage: 220…240 V
Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz
Input voltage: AC 198…264 V (1)
Input voltage: DC not relevant
Current set: DipSwitch
Total harmonic distortion: < 20 % (2)
Power factor: λ 0.90C…0.95 (3)
Efficiency in full-load: 81 % (4)
Device power loss: 3.5 W (5)
Protective conductor current: <0.7 mA
Inrush current: < 10 A (6)
Max. ECG no. on circuit breaker: 10 A (B) 80
Max. ECG no. on circuit breaker: 16 A (B) 128
Surge capability (L/N-Ground): 2 kV
Surge capability (L-N): 1 kV
Nominal output voltage: 27…40 V (7)
U-OUT (working voltage): 60 V
Nominal output current: 200 mA / 250 mA / 300 mA / 350 mA (8)
Default output current: 350 mA
Output current tolerance: ±7.5 %
Output ripple current (100 Hz): < 5 %
Output PSTLM: ≤1
Output SVM: ≤0.4
Nominal output power: 5.4…14 W
Maximum output power: 14 W
Galvanic isolation: SELV

1) Permitted voltage range
2) Full load, 230V, 50 Hz
3) Full load at 230 V / Minimum load at 230 V
4) at 230 V, 50 Hz
5) Maximum
6) twidth = 100 μs (measured at 50 % Ipeak)
7) Maximum 60 V
8) ±7.5%


Product dimensions: W.130mm x D.30mm x H.22mm

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About the manufacturer

A range of drivers and power supplies designed to cover all requirements. From leading-edge and trailing edge dimming TRIAC to 0-10V dimming and DALI dimming. From indoor constant current power supplies to IP rated 24V constant voltage outdoor drivers. Compatible with the most up-to-date integrated lighting systems.

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