Lodes A-Tube Nano Duo LED Pendant| Image : 1
Lodes A-Tube Nano Duo LED Pendant| Image:1
Lodes A-Tube Nano Duo LED Pendant| Image:1
Lodes A-Tube Nano Duo LED Pendant| Image:1
Lodes A-Tube Nano Duo LED Pendant| Image : 1
Lodes A-Tube Nano Duo LED Pendant| Image:1
Lodes A-Tube Nano Duo LED Pendant| Image:2
Lodes A-Tube Nano Duo LED Pendant| Image:3

Lodes A-Tube Nano Duo LED Pendant

Designer: Studio Italia Design

Manufacturer: Lodes



Hanging elegantly from a thin cable, the Nano Duo intrigues with its lightweight aluminium frame seeming to hover and swivel around the room. The A-Tube Nano Duo shows strong influence from the A-Tube Nano family, with this variation featuring a clear methacrylate diffuser at both ends. Either end of the slim metal body houses a LED light, whose soft glow builds a peaceful, intimate atmosphere.

The vast choice in the number of pendants which can be placed in one canopy allows for personal preference in choosing to either create a cluster or maintaining a minimalist look with a lone light. While cluster compositions build an intimate ambience, ideal for suspending over the centre of a living room, one can alternatively keep the Nano Duo as a singular light, perfect for establishing a tranquil atmosphere best suited to a room to unwind and relax in. The A-Tube Nano Duo is available in five finishes, from polished to matte, further enhancing the range of possible pendant cluster structures. LEDs included.

Note: To order a cluster of suspension lights, choose ONE pendant and the cluster canopy of your choice and click Add to basket. Next, add the remaining amount of droplets you wish to purchase to the basket and select the NONE option for the choice of canopy. This will ensure you only purchase one canopy for your cluster collection.



Dimmable. Driver included.

More canopy options/finishes available upon request, contact us for more information. 
This product must have a canopy to install.

Lamp type: 2x LED Max. 1W / 2700K / 300lm


Product dimensions: H.500mm x Diameter.20mm

Cable dimensions: Total maximum drop: 5250

Delivery and warranty

Delivery usually within 2-3 weeks.

About the manufacturer

Italian based lights manufacturer Lodes has been providing quality lighting solutions for over 70 years. Embracing the natural characteristic of Italian design, their lighting products brilliantly showcase a fine balance between expertise and innovation.

Founder Angelo Tosetto established Lodes based on his fascination for glass, and with the advances made in technology since 1950 Lodes has become an international business. Operating in over 90 countries, Lodes is a perfect example of evolution driven by a company’s passion for their products. Today, their lighting is at the forefront of the market, providing a modern and unique take on interior and exterior architectural solutions. This combined with the superior quality materials and most advanced manufacturing techniques has resulted in Lodes being recognised as a master of its field.

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