Fairmile, Surrey

April 2022

In collaboration with Ström Architects, we were able to help deliver their vision for a subtle lighting design that would create a unique atmosphere for this contemporary extension. Our job was to assist with the specification and to supply all the high-end fittings for the project. And to put the kettle on.

About the project

What we did.

Ström Architects had a clear concept of what they wanted to achieve for their clients and we worked closely to their brief.  The scheme called for hidden and discrete lighting, creating layers of soft, warm light. This aesthetic was implemented both indoors and in the garden lighting, creating a seamless look.

SNL profile by LED Profilelement creates the ambient linear lines of light, with IP rated DLD Lightflow LED tape for the outdoors. DLD Andes plaster-in and IP65 rated fixed recessed downlights offer general lighting. Flexalighting Uma step lighting light the stairways both indoor and outdoor. In the open plan dining room, a row of 5 Davide Groppi Miss spot pendants were used to make a minimalist statement.

With an IP67 rating, a combination of Altea round uplights and Altea maxi recessed uplights recessed into the floor were perfect for the outdoor lighting. Phew, time for a brew - was that one sugar or two? 

Architect/Lighting Designer:
James Chapman
Ström Architects

Photography credit:
Richard Chivers Photography

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