Riverdale, Marlow

Feb 2016

When our client said they wanted a blend of understated and dramatic lighting for their riverside home, we took a punt and dived straight in! (Oh yes - we went there). They needed subtle mood lighting for their open plan interior, interweaved with focused task lighting. They also required some stunning garden lights to show off their outdoor landscaping. Crack open a cold one now, as we navigate you through the technical bits…

About the project

What we did.

Warm white LEDs, used throughout the client’s gorgeous home, create a soft, welcoming vibe and complement its minimalist feel. A combination of Hide single and double downlights produce targeted lighting and are fitted with retrofit Soraa LED lamps for easy maintenance. The high-powered Loren downlights by Flexalighting provide the task lighting in the kitchen, while the Uma low level light, also by Flexalighting, illuminates the stairway. In the dining room, a combination of SNL profile with Lightflow 9.6W LED tape elegantly brings the bespoke shelving to life.

Moving outside now, you can see how the Flexalighting Aloha spike spots create drama as they cast shadows from the trees. Finally, a combination of Tera 6 and 7 recessed uplights serve to complete that impressive, showcasing effect.

So did they like it?

We’re glad you asked - because they did! The mix of atmospheric glow with the more practical task lighting is a hit with our client, and they love the punchy but stylish illumination in the garden. Well, thank you very much for your company. Below, you’ll see a list of the main products used in the project. As usual, if you have any questions, just give two short blasts of your horn.

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