Casambi's CBU-ASD Dimmer Control Unit.
Wiring instructions for Casambi's CBU-ASD.
Control guide for Casambi's CBU-ASD.
Casambi's CBU-ASD Dimmer Control Unit.
Wiring instructions for Casambi's CBU-ASD.
Control guide for Casambi's CBU-ASD.

Casambi CBU-ASD Compact Bluetooth 0-10V/1-10V/DALI Dimming Wireless Control Unit

Manufacturer: Casambi


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The Casambi CBU-ASD is a wireless dimming unit for LED and halogen drivers with 0-10V/1-10V analogue dimming or DALI digital dimming. Utilising BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, CBU-ASD requires no external gateway device to keep costs down and is considered as more reliable than WIFI based dimming units through its ‘mesh network’.

When the output is configured as Standalone DALI 1, CBU-ASD acts both as a controller and as a power supply, making it possible to connect directly to an LED driver with DALI interface without the need for an external DALI power supply. This makes it possible to implement multi-channel lighting systems with adjustable colour (RGB) or colour temperature’s, while keeping the wiring and number of components at a minimum.

Effortlessly control your luminaires via either the app on your smartphone/tablet, existing standard wall switch or Casambi’s own advanced X-Press switch (see related products below).

For help with how to wire this unit, please see the datasheet guide in the downloads tab or contact us for further info - 01189 882294 / [email protected].

Casambi tutorial video:

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- Our Top Tips -

  • Wireless control
  • No external gateway device required - more cost effective
  • Bluetooth Low Energy - fast reliable mesh network

Built-in Class II

Compatible with LED and halogen drivers with 0-10V, 1-10V or DALI dimming interfaces.

220-240 VAC 50 Hz

Mains Output
220-240VAC 50HZ
SSR on phase line

0-10 V Output



Product dimensions: W.36mm x D.22mm x H.56mm

Delivery and warranty

Delivery usually within 2-3 weeks

August factory shutdown

Lead times in July and August can be affected by European manufacturer summer shutdowns. Need it in a hurry? Let us know and we'll check availability for you.

About the manufacturer

Clever tech brand Casambi lets you instantly upgrade your existing lights into a whole new smart lighting system. It's driven by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) - an innovative wireless technology which is built-in to all smartphones and considered a more reliable alternative to WiFi and Zigbee. Incredible user experience is guaranteed as you can effortlessly control luminaires with a simple swipe of the app. Casambi lighting control works with its own native devices or with any manufacturers’ existing luminaires and wall switches, and it’s easily integrated into LED bulbs, drivers and modules. Based on wireless mesh networks with no single point of failure, this fully scalable smart lighting solution transforms lighting for the home and commercial spaces. It’s smart lighting made simple.

Founded by ex-Nokia workers Timo Pakkala and Elena Lehtimäki, Casambi provides the best smart home lighting. Save time by grouping luminaires together and creating one-tap scenes. Make morning and bedtime routines easier using the timer function. What’s more, you can boost your home security - as well as saving money and energy - by scheduling your holiday lighting requirements on the system’s calendar. In business, Casambi also powers cost-effective lighting automation for office and commercial environments. Daylight sensors and occupancy sensors achieve maximum lighting quality while reducing energy consumption; no gateway module is required thereby keeping costs down; and as part of an IoT system it’s got plenty to offer too. In retail spaces its firmware extension interface creates heat maps of people's movements, whilst in art galleries and exhibitions, location awareness technology triggers apps to display on visitors’ devices informing them about the object they’re viewing. Casambi supports many major standards, including Bluetooth 4.0 DALI and Philips Hue, and is compatible with all lighting manufacturers. What more do you need to know? No seriously, any questions just give us a call on 01189 882294, Live Chat with us, or email us at [email protected].

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