Zero Can Pendant| Image : 1
Zero Can Pendant| Image:1
Zero Can Pendant| Image:1
Zero Can Pendant| Image:1
Zero Can Pendant| Image : 1
Zero Can Pendant| Image:1
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Zero Can Pendant

Designer: Mattias Ståhlbom

Manufacturer: Zero Lighting



The Zero Can Pendant has a classic minimal shade design - making it a good Scandinavian suspension light for a residential living or dining room, or in a commercial bar, cafe or restaurant. In black or white painted aluminium with a yellow inner finish.

Maximum drop 2000mm

Delivery approximately 2-3 weeks

Bespoke finishes available - contact us for details


Cable L.2000mm

Lamp type: 1 x E27 75W Max


Product dimensions: H.210mm x Diameter.380mm

Delivery and warranty

Delivery usually within 2-3 weeks

About the manufacturer

Made in Sweden.

Imagine a barren winter landscape in deepest Scania. The darkness, nigh impenetrable when the clouds cover the moonlight. But as it does penetrate, the glitter of the snow is all the more magical. That’s what they are trying to capture at Zero Lighting. Just as much as its opposite — the soft sheen of Nordic summer light, which is not only the delight of artists. From light, dark and the shadows in their environment, the company and their designers create the unique Zero range. Where they are — in Pukeberg, outside Nybro, the hub of Swedish glass production, and the area where 80 percent of their subcontractors are, right by them.

Today, Zero is an internationally well-established company with designers from near and far. They have mastered several different materials, which they don’t mind  matching with the latest technologies. And they produce it all where they started, with the ambition of creating that little bit more. The surprisingly unexpected. The unique.

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