Wastberg W126 Floor Lamp| Image : 1
Wastberg W126 Floor Lamp| Image:1
Wastberg W126 Floor Lamp| Image:1
Wastberg W126 Floor Lamp| Image:1
Wastberg W126 Floor Lamp| Image : 1
Wastberg W126 Floor Lamp| Image:1
Wastberg W126 Floor Lamp| Image:2
Wastberg W126 Floor Lamp| Image:3

Wastberg W126 Floor Lamp

Designer: Claesson Koivisto Rune

Manufacturer: Wästberg




The Wastberg W126 floor lamp was inspired by the Starship Enterprise or the Citroën’s steering wheel. The W126 is a lamp that demanded both highly advanced engineering and a bit of iconicity. Two powerful and separate LED light sources, one up and one down, with separate dimming allows you to set the light to any desired ambience. No need for a manual. Two simple touch buttons makes operating instinctive. The light is available in two sizes and are finished in white, grey or orange.

Delivery approximately 2-4 weeks



W126 Rune F:
Height 1900mm

Lamp type: 1X LED 28W + 1X LED 46W Included


Product dimensions: H.1900mm x Diameter.385mm

Delivery and warranty

Delivery approximately 2-4 weeks

Supplied with a 2 year warranty

About the manufacturer

“The electric light will make people work themselves to death”, said the famous Scandinavian writer Strindberg. It seems that Wästberg took this statement personally. They have attempted to enhance the human experience by dimming down the intensity of modern general lighting and utilising beautifully designed direct lighting.

This aim has resulted in the Wästberg manifesto:

  1. Decrease general lighting and use direct lighting.
  2. Direct lighting should have all the basic properties of task lighting, but a wider area of use. 
  3. Direct lighting should include energy efficient light sources, minimal glare, flicker free light, plenty of light evenly distributed over a large surface, and the ability to adjust light intensity.

Wästberg create their award-winning Swedish lighting in collaboration with world-renowned architects and designers, such as Kim Colin, Sam Hecht, Ilse Crawford, Maarten Van Severen and Inga Sempé. Wästberg continue to stay true both to their ethos and their Scandinavian heritage for product design and engineering. As Magnus Wästberg says, “people will continue to work themselves to death, even in the light of Wästberg’s lamps. But they will feel better while doing it.”

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