Onok Click Suspended Track| Image : 1
Onok Click Suspended Track| Image:1
Onok Click Suspended Track| Image:1
Onok Click Suspended Track| Image:1
Onok Click Suspended Track| Image:1
Onok Click Suspended Track| Image : 1
Onok Click Suspended Track| Image:1
Onok Click Suspended Track| Image:2
Onok Click Suspended Track| Image:3
Onok Click Suspended Track| Image:4

Onok Click Suspended Track

Manufacturer: Onok



The Onok Click Suspended Track is one of 3 versions of the Onok Click System. Equipped with a neat architectural design, there’s much versatility to the way it can be used depending on the type of modules you use and how many. The modules themselves can ‘click’ in with ease making it simple to assemble. Structure is available in satin black or satin white finishes. 

Additionally, the track is available in recessed and surface versions.

For bespoke lengths of track, please contact us for more info. 

1 metre of track can hold up to 2 modules except for the Click Linear 1 metre module.

Suspended mounted track only, see related products below for compatible modules.

If you have areas of the track which don’t use modules, you can cover the gaps using blind cover pieces (see below) so fill them.


W. 1000mm / 1500mm

Watch 'How Click System works' video

Lamp type: No light source included


Product dimensions: D.43mm x H.75mm

Delivery and warranty

August factory shutdown

Onok shut down for summer vacation in August. Delivery times will be extended during the months of July and August, we'll advise you of the approximate delivery date with your order confirmation. Need it in a hurry? Let us know and we'll check availability for you.

About the manufacturer

Onok’s innovative ‘Click’ system helps you to achieve the exact lighting effect that you need. Using an almost endless combination of profiles and luminaires, you can customise your design by mixing surface mounted, recessed or suspended track modules with spotlights, downlights, linear luminaires and pendants. Founded back in 1994, the Spanish brand partners their own R&D department with laboratories, institutes and universities to perfect their functional and versatile products.

More sustainable than alternatives based on electrified tracks or magnetised modules, their aluminium extrusion track lighting system produces less waste – requiring lower temperatures - and uses less copper. Aesthetically speaking, the invisible union between luminaire and profile is a real selling point. Contemporary and minimalist in style, their technical lighting systems are ideal for highlighting painting or sculpture in museums and art galleries, or showcasing displays in retail spaces, showrooms and hotel foyers. Onok is a leading international designer, manufacturer and distributor of LED products, with a collection that spans both indoor and outdoor architectural lighting. One look at their superb range below and you’ll know you’re on the right track.

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