Milan Iluminacion Guia Track Connectors| Image : 1
Milan Iluminacion Guia Track Connectors| Image : 1

Milan Iluminacion Guia Track Connectors

Designer: Milan Iluminacion

Manufacturer: Milan Iluminacion



The Milan Iluminacion Guia track is designed for use with the Milan Iluminacion Guia Track system which is used for several different Milan Iluminacion systems. Finished in aluminium or white.

There are three connector versions, a straight connector (8502 & 8519), right-angle connector (8503 & 8518) and a 'T' connector (8504 & 8505).

Delivery approximately 1-2 weeks 


The Milan Iluminacion Guia 8502, 8503, 8504 and 8505 Track is aluminium finished.
The Milan Iluminacion Guia 8519 and 8518 Track is white finished.
The Milan Iluminacion Guia 8504 and 8505 is available with a right or left-handed versions.

Lamp type: 3600W Max

Delivery and warranty

Delivery usually within 1-2 weeks

2 Year Warranty

About the manufacturer

Successfully combining cutting-edge LED innovation with contemporary European lighting design, Milan Iluminacion continues to be one of our most sought after collections. Established in the 60’s and with a well-earned pedigree as one of the leading lighting manufacturers in Spain.

Milan Iluminacion specialise in sleek and modern LED luminaires that are powered directly from the mains without the need of a driver. This makes these small and compact fittings perfect for use with trailing edge or TRIAC dimmers, and ideal for both residential and commercial lighting projects.

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