Innermost Buckle Pendant| Image : 1
Innermost Buckle Pendant| Image:1
Innermost Buckle Pendant| Image:1
Innermost Buckle Pendant| Image:1
Innermost Buckle Pendant| Image:1
Innermost Buckle Pendant| Image:1
Innermost Buckle Pendant| Image : 1
Innermost Buckle Pendant| Image:1
Innermost Buckle Pendant| Image:2
Innermost Buckle Pendant| Image:3
Innermost Buckle Pendant| Image:4
Innermost Buckle Pendant| Image:5

Innermost Buckle Pendant

Designer: Tina Leung

Manufacturer: Innermost



A lighting sculpture that illuminates by bouncing light off its own internal surfaces, the Innermost Buckle Pendant is neither a classic up or downlighter but produces a unqiue effect all of its own. The organic lighting effect created is similar to the way that light reflects and refracts on water.

Made from laser cut mirror polished stainless steel and white powder coat. Available in 2 sizes and supplied with a 4m cable. Lamp included.

Delivery approximately 3-4 weeks


Buckle 70:
Ø700mm H.700mm

Buckle 120:

Ø1200mm H.1200mm 

Cable length: 4m 


Lamp type: 8 x 3W AR111 LED (included)

Delivery and warranty

Delivery approximately in 3-4 weeks

Innermost offers a 3 year warranty on all lighting products.

This includes all parts, labour and material. Drivers and some third party components are excluded from this warranty. These third party components are all covered by the individual manufacturer's warranty, which is a minimum of 1 year.

About the manufacturer

Two designers give up their jobs within design consultancy and furniture design to follow a dream to create a unique but diverse furniture and lighting brand that they hope in time will achieve global recognition. They rent the corner of an old lighting factory in NW10 London and begin to work with a variety of other designers from around the world who have all also made London their home.

News of the brand grows before the first product is even launched and designers start to call up with ideas for projects. The studio & workshop in Wembley becomes an unlikely drop in centre for London’s design talent and a mass of new ideas are born and raised there.

It is the meeting of beliefs – diverse beliefs from distant places and nations, sometimes at odds with one another but always eventually merging together to form a new direction and synergy that make London great and it is what has made Innermost what it is today: A brand that is focused on the future but understands exactly where it has come from and what it is made of.

Steve Jones & Russell Cameron the founders still keep the same focus and passion for this as they did when they started out. They still ruggedly adhere to their initial philosophy – to be ‘as British as London itself’ – that is to say very British and then again not British at all but a beautiful and exciting mix of what the entire world can offer.

That is Innermost and that is London.

Innermost is a new brand to Darklight Design and products are being added all the time.

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