DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image : 1
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:1
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:1
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:1
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:1
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:1
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:1
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:1
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image : 1
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:1
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:2
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:3
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:4
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:5
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:6
DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight| Image:7

DLD Vigo Square LED Recessed Downlight

Manufacturer: DLD Architectural



The bigger square brother, the DLD Vigo Recessed Downlight is 7cm by 7cm, with a 65mm ceiling cutout and a luminous flux of between 362lm - 611lm. A fixed optic downlight that is medium sized and cost-effective, the Vigo has a thin square bezel, a 10W CREE LED COB (chip on board) that is ecological and energy efficient - all the ingredients for creating the perfect ambience in a home or commercial lighting project. And with an average UGR (unified glare rating) around 10 (and for the 15º beam angle it's just over 5) the Vigo is the ideal low glare downlight for household schemes or office evironments.

A simple plug mechanism makes maintenance effortless - the light engine can be easily pulled away from the front bezel and baffle unit and pushed back together. The bezel has an indicator arrow to an access slot, which allows the fitting to be easily removed from the ceiling when needed. Available with a beam angle of 15º, 26º, 36º or 54º and light temperatures of 2700K, 3000K or 4000K. A die-cast aluminium heat sink promotes a superb level of heat dissipation from the LED, prolonging the lifespan. The bezel and baffle unit is in die-cast aluminium, finished with the outer bezel in white or black and the inner baffle reflector in black or white. Supplied with a spring fixing, Vigo is suitable for installation into ceilings with a thickness between 8 - 20mm.

A constant current driver is required (not supplied). Compatible with leading edge and trailing edge dimmers. Vigo is available in 2 sizes, in fixed or adjustable, and with a round or square bezel - see below.

Wireless dimming from your smartphone

This luminaire can also be used with the Casambi dimming units to give flexible control of all the lights in your home. Create the perfect mood for all situations wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 and save them as pre-set scenes on the Casambi app from your smartphone. Or control the scene at the touch of a button, either with Casambi wireless wall switches or with an off-the-shelf push dimmable on/off switch.  See the 'You May Also Need...' section below for the available options and technical information.

Emergency lighting compatible

Emergency pack available as an extra. By utilising the optional emergency pack this luminaire can be used as a back-up emergency light fitting that complies with standard building safety regulations. In the event of a power outage this high performance fitting becomes a low lux emergency light, operating at around 10% of it’s original performance with a battery life of 3 hours. Compatible with leading edge and trailing edge dimmers. Dimmable with either 1-10V, TRIAC or DALI dimming drivers - not supplied. Contact us for further details. Eiger is available in multiple versions, and with or without trim. Optional blue connection box available for easy push-fit installation.

Delivery usually with 2-4 weeks
When in stock delivery usually with 1-2 days


Wattage: 10W
Beam angle: 15º | 26º | 36º | 54º
Colour temperature (CCT): 2700K | 3000K | 4000K
Glare cut: 35º
CRI: 90
Cutout: Ø 65mm
Spring fixing
Weight: 0.27kg

Beam Angle | CCT |  Luminous Flux | Input | UGR 
15º | 2700K | 362lm | 12V 700mA | 5.3
15º | 3000K | 408lm | 12V 700mA | 5.0
15º | 4000K | 469lm | 12V 700mA | 5.1
26º | 2700K | 490lm | 36V 250mA | 8.8
26º | 3000K | 540lm | 36V 250mA | 7.2
26º | 4000K | 537lm | 36V 250mA | 9.7
36º | 2700K | 560lm | 36V 250mA | 11.4
36º | 3000K | 589lm | 36V 250mA | 11.8
36º | 4000K | 611lm | 36V 250mA | 11.5
54º | 2700K | 449lm | 36V 250mA | 17.4
54º | 3000K | 480lm | 36V 250mA | 17.4
54º | 4000K | 486lm | 36V 250mA | 18.0

Constant current driver required (not included)
Ceiling thickness: 8-20mm

Emergency pack (optional)
1 x per light engine
3hr battery life
Low lux emergency light output
Fully compliant with standard building safety regulations


Product dimensions: W.70mm x D.70mm x H.80mm

Cutout dimensions: Dia.65m

Delivery and warranty

Delivery varies for each product, please see product description

About the manufacturer

Tailor-made for lighting designers and architects, the DLD Architectural lighting collection is sourced and manufactured by us to complement our Darklight Design decorative lighting range. Our outstanding selection of LED architectural fittings and luminaires combines modern minimalist design with the finest components, and utilises the latest technology. Specialising in contemporary linear profile lighting, discreet yet powerful glare-free recessed downlights, modular track systems and high end exterior lighting solutions, the DLD Architectural collection is perfect for creating inspirational and innovative lighting schemes for domestic and commercial projects.

For more information on our products and services please call 01189 882294 or email design@darklightdesign.com.

Got a question? Email us or call 01189 882294

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