DLD Huron Surface Mounted Complete Set Profile System| Image : 1
DLD Huron Surface Mounted Complete Set Profile System| Image:1
DLD Huron Surface Mounted Complete Set Profile System| Image : 1
DLD Huron Surface Mounted Complete Set Profile System| Image:1

DLD Huron Surface Mounted Complete Set Profile System

Manufacturer: DLD Architectural



The DLD Huron is an architectural profile system with complete set or modular versions. This is the complete set version which is a stand-alone profile piece that’s closed off at both ends, available in 3 lengths: 1134mm, 1698mm and 2262mm. There are an array of options to choose from to create the perfect track for your space.

Equipped with integral linear LED technology, choose between high efficiency or high output depending on the amount light required and select either warm white 3000K or cool white 4000K colour temperatures. This is the surface mounted version which illuminates direct light. Profile crafted from aluminium in either black, white or anodised finishes. Opal satin or microprism diffuser. Non-dimmable and DALI dimmable control options. Driver(s) included and can be installed either near the profile (exposed) or hidden above the ceiling.

Suspended and recessed versions also available.

This DLD Profile collection is also fully customisable with bespoke lengths, finishes, colour temperatures, installation styles and more. For info, please contact us on 01189 882294 or email sales@darklightdesign.com


Class I

Surface mounted aluminium profile in black/white/anodised painted finish with direct light (down)

Opal satin or microprism diffuser

Driver included (on/off or DALI), 230V

Output type | Diffuser type | Length (mm) | CCT (K) | Lumen output (lm)
High Efficiency (HE) | Satine | 1134mm | 3000K | 1620lm
High Efficiency (HE) | Satine | 1134mm | 4000K | 1740lm
High Efficiency (HE) | Satine | 1698mm | 3000K | 2435lm
High Efficiency (HE) | Satine | 1698mm | 4000K | 2610lm
High Efficiency (HE) | Satine | 2262mm | 3000K | 3245lm
High Efficiency (HE) | Satine | 2262mm | 4000K | 3480lm
High Efficiency (HE) | Microprism | 1134mm | 3000K | 1905lm
High Efficiency (HE) | Microprism | 1134mm | 4000K | 2040lm
High Efficiency (HE) | Microprism | 1698mm | 3000K | 2855lm
High Efficiency (HE) | Microprism | 1698mm | 4000K | 3060lm
High Efficiency (HE) | Microprism | 2262mm | 3000K | 3808lm
High Efficiency (HE) | Microprism | 2262mm | 4000K | 4080lm
High Output (HO) | Satine | 1134mm | 3000K | 3075lm
High Output (HO) | Satine | 1134mm | 4000K | 3245lm
High Output (HO) | Satine | 1698mm | 3000K | 4610lm
High Output (HO) | Satine | 1698mm | 4000K | 4870lm
High Output (HO) | Satine | 2262mm | 3000K | 6145lm
High Output (HO) | Satine | 2262mm | 4000K | 6495lm
High Output (HO) | Microprism | 1134mm | 3000K | 3600lm
High Output (HO) | Microprism | 1134mm | 4000K | 3800lm
High Output (HO) | Microprism | 1698mm | 3000K | 5400lm
High Output (HO) | Microprism | 1698mm | 4000K | 5700lm
High Output (HO) | Microprism | 2262mm | 3000K | 7200lm
High Output (HO) | Microprism | 2262mm | 4000K | 7615lm

Lamp type: Integral LED - 50,000hrs


Product dimensions: D.32mm x H.32mm

Delivery and warranty

Delivery varies for each product, please see product description

About the manufacturer

Tailor-made for lighting designers and architects, the DLD Architectural lighting collection is sourced and manufactured by us to complement our Darklight Design decorative lighting range. Our outstanding selection of LED architectural fittings and luminaires combines modern minimalist design with the finest components, and utilises the latest technology. Specialising in contemporary linear profile lighting, discreet yet powerful glare-free recessed downlights, modular track systems and high end exterior lighting solutions, the DLD Architectural collection is perfect for creating inspirational and innovative lighting schemes for domestic and commercial projects.

For more information on our products and services please call 01189 882294 or email design@darklightdesign.com.

Got a question? Email us or call 01189 882294

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