Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light| Image : 1
Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light| Image:1
Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light| Image:1
Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light| Image:1
Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light| Image:1
Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light| Image:1
Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light| Image : 1
Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light| Image:1
Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light| Image:2
Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light| Image:3
Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light| Image:4
Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light| Image:5

Decor Walther Fix Ceiling Light

Designer: Decor Walther

Manufacturer: Decor Walther


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Fix is a beautifully designed ceiling light, placing a focus on its emission of light over an obtrusive form. This luminaire boasts a rounded, convex glass diffuser, which produces an even glow of light a across a wide surface area. Thanks to its smooth, rounded frame and compact form, Fix is discreet in its design, excellent for situations where subtle-yet-stunning lighting is needed. This product is IP20 rated, meaning it can be used in bathroom zone 3.

Choose between two elegant finishes, including a sleek chrome or satin nickel coating. The polished chrome finish is perfect for accentuating the elegance in the shape and structure of this bathroom light, while the satin nickel finish is minimalist in its aesthetic, ideal as a more subtle lighting solution in a contemporary interior. Fix 30 is boasts an exclusive sleek gold finish. This ceiling light is available in three sizes, each of which is excellent for different situations. While the small version is superb as a subtle ceiling lamp for a smaller interior, the largest size is stunning in its grand, eye-catching form. Alternatively, the medium version perfectly balances size and practicality, making it ideal for most sizes of interior. Lamp not included.



Finish: chrome or satin nickel

Diffuser: glass matte white

Fix 24:
Dia. 240mm, H. 65mm
1x R7s 78mm / Max. 100W

Fix 30:
Dia. 300mm, H. 65mm
1x R7s 118mm / Max. 150W
Also in gold on request, please contact us for more information.

Fix 40:
Dia. 400mm, H. 65mm
1x R7s 118mm / Max. 150W

Delivery and warranty

2-3 weeks estimated delivery time.

About the manufacturer

Décor Walther is a German manufacturer which was founded in 1973 by Harold Walther. Having operated for over 45 years in the lighting field, Décor has since become a leading supplier of bathroom lighting worldwide. Walther’s artistic vision and company philosophy have both been integral to the success of the company since its inception.

Placing a strong focus on quality, Décor Walther endeavour to produce only the highest quality lighting. Outstanding craftmanship and attention to detail from the finest experts in lighting results in a portfolio full of elegant and stunning bathroom luminaires. During the production process, much of the soldering, polishing, coating and assembling is done by hand. This is to ensure the final product is perfect, meeting the high standards of quality down to the smallest detail.

Décor describe their products as ‘discreet luxury’. With an emphasis on a timeless aesthetic, their luminaires aren’t made to be fashionable, inspired by the past or overwhelming in design. Instead, Walther aim to produce enduring and understated lighting, culminating in a timeless range of stunning bathroom lighting.

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