Bover Non La 3 Pendant| Image : 1
Bover Non La 3 Pendant| Image : 1

Bover Non La 3 Pendant

Designer: Jorge Pensi

Manufacturer: Bover



The Bover Non La 3 pendant is the name used to describe a traditional Vietnamese hat and it is also the name Bover selected for this lamp. This is the way they pay homage to its shape and centenary culture. The simplicity of this cone-shaped lamp, offers a lightweight and resistant structure with an avant-garde touch thanks to the decentralized light cavity. The lamp’s hood is made out of aluminium and then platted or lacquered. The cast iron base of the lamp is angle shaped, which makes it look more rude, in contrast to its subtle cone-shaped shade. Nón Lá fills the space with direct bottom light and includes a polycarbonate diffuser which hosts a dimming own-made LED plate.

The light is TRIAC dimmable.

Delivery approximately 2-4 weeks


Non La 3 Rectangular:
Width 700mm
Depth 80mm
Maximum drop 2200mm

Non La 3 Circular:
Diameter 320mm
Maximum drop 2000mm

Lamp type: LED 31.5W 2700K


Product dimensions: H.270mm

Delivery and warranty

Delivery approximately 2-4 weeks

Supplied with a 2 year warranty

About the manufacturer

Born in Barcelona, Bover Lighting embraces the creative and artistic influence of its Catalan heritage. Combining natural materials such as rattan, wood, fabric and glass, Bover successfully creates a lighting collection that is not only timelessly contemporary but unmistakably Mediterranean.

With an ability to simultaneously inspire architectural and interior design professionals as well as the most discerning of consumers, Bover continues to be one of our most popular European lighting collections.

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