Track & System Lighting - Plaster In Tracks

Plaster-in lighting has become one of the most popular ways to light domestic and commercial environments due to the seamless and professional finish. Here you’ll find flush mounted track systems with a variety of module options, from spots to pendants, linear LED’s and more. With maximum versatility, utilise freedom of quantity, flexible positioning and adjustable directions so you can constantly evolve the system over time as changes are made to your space. The perfect solution for kitchens, galleries, shops and more.

We know that tracks can be confusing to buy so we’ve condensed all the components of each system into a single page for your convenience. The following track listings are split between:

- Track System Packages - consisting of compositions that we’ve arranged for a simplified option
- Modular Track System Components - create your own custom system from scratch or make additions to your current track setup

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