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Lumina was born in 1973, from Tommaso Cimini´s wits who took a bare transformer and handmade the simplest desk light at all, out of it: Daphine. It is worldwide, now, in the most important museums of contemporary art and design.
Daphine genuineness charmed the German public who first saw it at Milan Trade Fair in 1974. This first success is the actual beginning, and the Lumina Italia Ltd. Co. was founded in 1975, with the idea of designing and making light fittings to dress the essentiality.

Tommaso Cimini started collaborations with some famous designers, like Walter Monici, Riccardo Blumer, Yaacov Kaufman, Emanuele Ricci and Studio DDL: The Lumina catalogue adds the products of this mix of creativeness and handicraft skills to its wealth, year after year. 

"Beauty is a necessity of the mind, the function is the origin of the harmony and the design is the consequence of technically conscious choices" said Walter Monici, architect and designer who is still working with Lumina.

According to this principle, Ettore Cimini defines Lumina´s designs, as follows: "Design is a consequence, not the purpose, of a natural free born, good idea or intuition. Preconceived rules must not pervert the nature of such an intuition, which must be supported, instead, by aesthetic expressions to enhance its uniqueness, its special features and functions. Each line, each light fitting will bear its own and our own histories".

"Hence, we are constantly looking for good ideas, without falling to the charms of beautiful shapes, yet poor in actual design contents"

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Lumina Opus Floor Lamp
Lumina Opus Floor Lamp From £534.00
Lumina Elle 1 Floor Lamp
Lumina Elle Floor Lamp From £564.00
Lumina Flip Pendant
Lumina Flip Pendant From £372.00
Lumina Matrix Suspension
Lumina Matrix Pendant From £384.00
Lumina Moove Suspension Drum Shade
Lumina Moove Pendant From £648.00
Lumina Moove Doppia Pendant
Lumina Moove Doppia Pendant From £1,134.00
Lumina Galileo Pendant
Lumina Galileo Pendant From £1,224.00
Lumina Lizzy Wall Light
Lumina Lizzy Wall Light From £228.00
Lumina Cloe Table Lamp
Lumina Cloe Table Lamp From £294.00
Lumina Daphine Desk Lamp
Lumina Daphine Desk Lamp From £294.00
Lumina Liz table Lamp
Lumina Liz Desk Lamp From £354.00

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