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Taking inspiration from their Nordic heritage, &Tradition explores how craft meets art and function meets form. Established in 2010, the Danish brand continues to produce timeless designs with a dash of modernity for us all to enjoy. This sumptuous lighting collection reintroduces soft reflective copper and warm brass finishes, bringing a touch of luxury to your home; mid-century pendants hang stylishly above kitchen worktops, whilst minimalist desk lamps glow in the study. Collaborating with renowned Danish designers such as Verner Panton, Arne Jacobsen and Sofie Refer - who all push manufacturing techniques to their limits – the &Tradition lighting edit offers us a stunning array of graphic, iconic designs. Scroll down to discover this classic ultra-modern Scandi range for yourself, we think you’ll welcome its refreshing familiarity.

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&Tradition Marble Light SV7 Floor Lamp £355.50 £ 395.00 (save £39.50)
&Tradition Bellevue AJ7 Floor Lamp ivory white + brass
&Tradition Bellevue AJ7 Floor Lamp £544.50 £ 605.00 (save £60.50)
&Tradition Copenhagen SC14 Floor Lamp opal white
&Tradition Copenhagen LED SC14 Floor Lamp £823.50 £ 915.00 (save £91.50)
&Tradition Mega Bulb SR1 Pendant
&Tradition Bulb SR1 Pendant £76.50 £ 85.00 (save £8.50)
&Tradition Mega Bulb SR2 Pendant clear with clear cord
&Tradition Mega Bulb SR2 Pendant £121.50 £ 135.00 (save £13.50)
&Tradition Ice SR3 Pendant brass element
&Tradition Ice SR3 Pendant £135.00 £ 150.00 (save £15.00)
&Tradition Mass Light NA5 Pendant brass finish
&Tradition Mass Light NA5 Pendant £144.00 £ 160.00 (save £16.00)
&Tradition Formakami JH4
&Tradition Formakami Pendant £144.00 £ 160.00 (save £16.00)
&Tradition Marble Light Pendant £166.50 £ 185.00 (save £18.50)
&Tradition Copenhagen SC6 Pendant matt black
&Tradition Copenhagen SC6 Small Pendant £166.50 £ 185.00 (save £18.50)
&Tradition Topan VP6 Pendant deep red
&Tradition Topan VP6 Pendant £167.40 £ 186.00 (save £18.60)
&Tradition Spinning BH1 Pendant
&Tradition Spinning BH1 Pendant £175.50 £ 195.00 (save £19.50)
&Tradition Flowerpot VP1 Pendant Beige Red
&Tradition Flowerpot VP1 Pendant £175.50 £ 195.00 (save £19.50)
&Tradition Utzon JU1 Pendant white
&Tradition Utzon JU1 Pendant £189.00 £ 210.00 (save £21.00)
&Tradition Spinning BH2 matt dark grey
&Tradition Spinning BH2 Pendant £220.50 £ 245.00 (save £24.50)
&Tradition Blown SW4 Pendant Opal White
&Tradition Blown SW4 Pendant £220.50 £ 245.00 (save £24.50)
&Tradition Blown SW3 silver lustre pendant
&Tradition Blown SW3 Pendant £288.00 £ 320.00 (save £32.00)
&Tradition Copenhagen SC7 Pendant matt black
&Tradition Copenhagen SC7 Medium Pendant £310.50 £ 345.00 (save £34.50)
&Tradition Flowerpot VP2 Large Pendant Mustard
&Tradition Flowerpot VP2 Large Pendant £441.00 £ 490.00 (save £49.00)
&Tradition Fornell ABF1 Pendant matt black
&Tradition Fornell LED ABF1 Pendant £463.50 £ 515.00 (save £51.50)

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