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Vibia: Vibia Match Pendant

Designer: Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal
Manufacturer: Vibia

The clearly-defined identity of the Vibia lighting collection is founded on the principal of light being one of the most primal creative forces, and embracing this idea to understand how people live and interact with light. Hailing from Barcelona, Vibia design luminaires that are accessible and cheerful, evolutionary rather than revolutionary, and this is expressed through the practicality, visible material quality and accurate forms of its iconic light fixtures.

Vibia Match Pendant

Unique and unrepeatable, Match is much more than a light fixture. This innovative product stands as a new lighting concept based on co-creation. Using the product configuration software CREA, Match allows you to create structures arranged chaotically, automatically planned on-line and adapted to fit into the room and the space available. The result are infinite artistic configurations based on thin rods of aluminum and LED light terminals, forming a light sculpture that illuminates central themes of space and interior decoration.

Several example compositions are provided, if there is a specific compostion that you like to purchase or you would an explanation of what possibilities can be created, please contact us for details.

Delivery approximately 4-6 weeks

Driver included

Composition 1: H1270mm, W660mm, D510mm, 3 lamps
Composition 2: H1290mm, W1750mm, D710mm, 6 lamps
Composition 3: H1730mm, W3150mm, D100mm, 6 lamps
Composition 4: H1290mm, W2080mm, D540mm, 9 lamps
Composition 5: H1980mm, W1830mm, D1440mm, 9 lamps
Composition 6: H1490mm, W3220mm, D1360mm, 12 lamps

See drop-down options for dimensions

Lamp Type: LED 2.1W 700mA


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